EOSC-Life WP2 roadmap

WP2’s goal is to make computational tools and workflows used in the European Biological and Medical Sciences Research Infrastructures (BMS RIs) interoperable in a common EOSC-Life cloud environment. This schema represents our current vision for the implementation of this EOSC-Life environment.

As an example of what interoperability across BMS RIs means, imagine one has acquired single cell transcriptomics data and microscopy images of the corresponding cells. We want researchers to be able to run both the sequence analysis (ELIXIR tools) and the image analysis (Euro-BioImaging tools) in the same cloud environment, eventually as part of the same workflow.

To maximise use of resources and promote interoperability, we focus on a limited number of components, prioritizing those from WP3 science demonstrator projects. To ensure findability and reusability, we also aim to unify tools and workflows registries into a common discoverability environment.

More information is available in the post Introduction to EOSC-Life WP2

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