Publication of a new work on interdisciplinary semantic between Life Science Research Infrastructures!

Publication of a new work on interdisciplinary semantic between Life Science Research Infrastructures!

It could seem so simple,
but managing to set up a (perfectible) categorization system
at the scale of the European Research Infrastructures for sensitive data

is not, and by far easy!

The lessons learned here, to be posted on your favorite social networks :slight_smile: :

The paper presents an experience of the community approval process for FAIRification at the scale of inter RIs (Half of FAIR principles need community approval!),

this to build a categorisation system inter RIs for sensitives ressources.

This new EOSC-Life paper is co-authored by Romain David, Christian Ohmann, Jan-Willem Boiten, Mónica Cano Abadía , Florence Bietrix, Steve Canham, Maria Luisa Chiusano, Walter Dastrù, Arnaud Laroquette, Dario Longo, Michaela Th. Mayrhofer, Maria Panagiotopoulou, Audrey S. Richard, Sergey Goryanin & Pablo Emilio Verde in the journal “Scientific Report


For life science infrastructures, sensitive data generate an additional layer of complexity. Cross-domain categorisation and discovery of digital resources related to sensitive data presents major interoperability challenges. To support this FAIRification process, a toolbox demonstrator aiming at support for discovery of digital objects related to sensitive data (e.g., regulations, guidelines, best practice, tools) has been developed. The toolbox is based upon a categorisation system developed and harmonised across a cluster of 6 life science research infrastructures. Three different versions were built, tested by subsequent pilot studies, finally leading to a system with 7 main categories (sensitive data type, resource type, research field, data type, stage in data sharing life cycle, geographical scope, specific topics). 109 resources attached with the tags in pilot study 3 were used as the initial content for the toolbox demonstrator, a software tool allowing searching of digital objects linked to sensitive data with filtering based upon the categorisation system. Important next steps are a broad evaluation of the usability and user-friendliness of the toolbox, extension to more resources, broader adoption by different life-science communities, and a long-term vision for maintenance and sustainability.

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@Romain_DAVID_13 @ERINHA_RI in @SciReports @EoscLife “An iterative and interdisciplinary categorisation process towards FAIRer digital resources for sensitive life-sciences data” #semantic #FAIRdata #Sensitive